lakea Showacse for LEGO® Creator Expert Buildings

Delivery time: 2-3 days

The dome is formed with professional machines and finished by hand. Finishing is a precise job for which the factory uses people with a social challenge. These people do not find work so easy on the average work floor, but have excellent skills. This is reflected in the quality of the showcases and repeat customers such as JBL® sound systems, Philips Sonicare and Starbucks.

The bottom plate is made of pressed black wood and is easy to work with by the hobbyist. Example: Clear varnish provides a high gloss result.
The acrylic of the dome can withstand sunlight, but does not contain any special UV-filters. Do not put your scale models in full sun to prevent discoloration.

Includes silicone coasters against sliding.

Exterior dimensions in centimeters: 28.6 wide x 28.6 long and 38 high
Inside dimensions in centimeters: 27.3 wide x 27.3 long x 35.5 high

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