lakea Showcase for LEGO® Technic Mack Truck

Delivery time: 2-3 days

The dome is made of 4 mm acrylic sheets and manufactured with professional tools. An oven is used to harden the dome. With a flame, sharp edges are polished. The result is a strong display.

The bottom plate is made of 18 mm Solid Black M.D.F. wood. The wood may be treated with varnish for a high gloss appearance. Some collectors have the bottom plate in a landscape for an even better result.

The showcase for truck scale models is stable. The dome beyond the bottom plate. A push against the cupboard or table is no problem. 6 silicone coasters are included. Stick them to the bottom of the bottom plate and the display case can no longer slide or scratch.

These showcases are made in a Dutch social workshop. The employees have a social challenge, which makes it hard for the to find a job in the average company. Yet they have excellent skills and that is reflected in the quality of the displays. Other companies such as JBL, StarBucks and Philips like to use their services as shown in this Youtube video.

Pre-drill option: Prevents splitting in the bottom plate if screws are used to fasten the dome.

Option sticky letters: Only the graphite-gray part is a sticker. They are individual elements cut out with a laser and provided with a protective cover. There are no edges sticking out. The result is professional.

The LEGO Mack Truck is not included.

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