About us

A former construction specialist who changed into a family man with a penchant for LEGO ...
Then you suddenly have two children and although they take enough time, there is also a lot of time to spend on the hobby LEGO. It was noticeable that LEGO has changed a lot since we played with the blocks 35 years ago. This also applies to their customer service. Where you used to have bad luck if you lost a block, you can now easily ask new questions on the LEGO website. All kinds of new forms and improvements have been made. This is very different toys than in the 70s and 80s. The curiosity was awakened.

During the searches for LEGO you will see patterns in the information offer from retailers and web shops. It was noticeable that there were shops that did a lot of juggling with the recommended prices. That was also noticed in the social media groups. Many people sometimes do not know where they stand at all. The shop has a set for 30 euros and on the internet for 25 and the next day it is the other way around. Customers no longer want to be treated by sellers and look for alternatives. Price comparators seem to be the solution, but they work with software (product feeds) and are therefore rarely up to date. Webshops have to update those product feeds themselves. Trusting such systems is behind the facts. Articles are already sold out before the price comparator knows it.

That gave me the idea to start a Facebook page for people who would like to see honest information. We never compare with the retail price of a store. We look at the sales price at the manufacturer. Ordering from the manufacturer has advantages. There is a better service to the customer. Think of free gifts or extra benefits during special periods. This can also be very good free replacement of missing or broken parts without first having to make a complete statement. LEGO crosses all this positively. With every order you get free extra LEGO and the customer service is excellent. Rarely do they leave a customer in the cold. Really an example of perfect aftercare and the standard that we use to assess webshops.