lakea Display case for 1: 8 scale model LEGO® Technic Porsche 42056

Delivery time: 2-3 days

This display case is made in the Netherlands by a social workshop with us in the municipality of Sluis.

The choice for the social workplace was made quickly. The company specializes in professional custom-made acrylic showcases and is only 1 km away from us. An important part of the employees has a social challenge, which makes it difficult for them to find a job. We support the people who can not work anywhere. By outsourcing the production to the local workshop, we save a lot of transport costs compared to importing and therefore we can offer good product for a normal price.

The top, also called bell jar, is made of sturdy acrylic. They use a machine to bend the acrylic, so that the top and the long sides are one piece. This provides extra strength and looks better. In the jar there are 4 small holes for screws (pre-drill or ask us) You can connect the bell and the bottom plate so that no one can open the bell without a screwdriver. Handy for a house with small children or at a fair where you want to protect an expensive model. A display case also helps very well against dust.

The bottom plate is made of solid dark gray / black M.D.F. A mechanically milled notch in the bottom plate catches the bell. The recess holds the cover firmly in place if it is knocked against the cupboard.

Dimensions showcase 1: 8 models:

exterior display case: 626 mm long * 309 mm wide * 219 mm high
inside display case: 620 mm long * 300 mm wide * 200 mm high
thickness of bottom plate: 18 mm
acrylic sheet thickness: 4 mm

The display case is well protected during shipping. If a break occurs during shipment, we will replace the damaged display case free of charge. The box contains the following items:

Dome with bottom plate - no assembly required.
4 screws to attach the display case if necessary. You need to drill in advance with a 2 mm wood drill or mention in the comments field if you want us to do it.
4 felted to place on the bottom of the bottom plate to protect against sliding.

Shipping costs: depending on payment method, location and quantity.

International shipping: yes.

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